A device for the evacuation

Brief description

The Towing hitch designed for towing and evacuation of a cargo of wheeled vehicles, and other wheeled vehicles by the method of partial hanging.

The Towing hitch is mounted on a standard fifth wheel of the tractor.

Lifting and lowering of the working body is carried out with hydraulic cylinders.

The Device is equipped with Autonomous oil station with remote control.

Work with a towing device is very simple and does not require special knowledge and skills.

Towing is possible for the front part and the rear part of the vehicle. Hanging out of the vehicle produced by means of chains passed under the front or rear axle. Length of chain is designed in such a way as to provide the ability to perform a safety loop. This type of tow vehicle comfortable and safe.

A device for the evacuation

Lifting and towing device

The Force on the hydraulic cylinder 10 Ton






  1. Unit Weight: 820кг the
  2. Power supply: 12V the
  3. Install Time on the saddle of the tractor: 5-7 minutes the
  4. Presence of a remote control: Yes the
  5. Registration in the traffic police: No


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