Equipment for the installation of screw piles

Brief description

Sweetroot Torsion is a mobile unit designed for mounting screw piles for various species and diameter, combining efficiency, reliability and durability.

Sweetroot will help to quickly, securely, simply and efficiently carry out the installation of the Foundation on screw piles with diameter of 57-159 mm

This setting will allow you to work on virtually all soils and all year round, as well as to reduce the number of workers and construction time of the structures.

Sweetroot Torsion are presented in 3 versions: 1. Sweetroot “Compact”, 2. Sweetroot “Standard”, 3. Sweetroot “Norma”


Scope of Sweetroot Torsion

  1. Construction of fences;
  2. Construction of awnings and sun visors;
  3. Construction of bridges, piers and wharfs;
  4. Installation of billboards, signs;
  5. To strengthen the Foundation and restore the old;
  6. As of foundations for various structures, in particular temporary structures, cabins and greenhouses;
  7. As the basis for mounting various mechanisms;
  8. The Foundation for a private low-rise residential development (terraces, baths, houses, pavilions, etc... )
  9. The Foundation for all types of gates;
  10. Installation of road signs, traffic lights, street lamps and other urban infrastructure.

Advantages Sacrata Torsion

1. Quality products
Warranty 12 months or 960 operating hours. The products meet the Technical regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 010/2011 "On safety of machines and equipment".

2. Low cost
The Equipment for the installation of screw piles Torsion is much cheaper than the big equipment with similar functionality and similar technical characteristics.

3. Shopping sign
Company Torsion has the exclusive right to use the trademark on the basis of the Certificate of registration of the trademark TORSION No. 610153.

4. Delivery in any region
Delivery of the equipment of transport companies (DPD, Business lines, PEK, zheldorekspeditsiya, KIT, etc...) to terminal in your city or directly to the address.

5. The opportunity to purchase equipment leasing
In 2015, our production company has successfully passed accreditation as a provider of leasing company OJSC "VEB-leasing"