Mini excavator

Brief description

mini excavator

Tow a mini digger is a small, self-contained, fully functional excavator.

It's designed for easy digging trenches and pits, and also for uprooting small shrubs and trees.

Trailer for mini excavator "TORSION" is an indispensable helper on a construction site in the backyard and is able to perform a wide range of works trouble-free in operation and easy in maintenance.

Mini Excavator Torsion

mini excavator

Digger Torsion trailer type

Maximum digging depth = 2500 mm
Angle of rotation = 165°

Angle of rotation165°

Engine15 HP (LIFAN)

Fuel Consumption1.5 l/hour

Lifting Height of the bucket1700 mm

Width of the bucket400 mm

Bucket capacity0.04 m3

Maximum weight (with stops and wheel)650кг

Operating temperature range-40°C to +40°C

Fuel tank capacity6 l AI92

Engine oils1.1 l SAE 10W30

The Volume of oil tank30 l

Size (TP)(WxDxH) 1920х3834х2000мм