Development of design documentation

Brief description

Design documentation (CD) — graphical and text documents that, together or individually, determine the composition and structure of the product and contain the necessary data to design, manufacture, inspection, maintenance, repair and disposal.

3D modeling is the process of creating a three-dimensional model of the object. The task of 3D modeling to develop a visual volumetric image of the desired object. The model can match the objects from the real world and be completely abstract.

Reverse engineering (reverse engineering) — study of some of the finished device or program and documentation on it to understand how it works, to make a change or reproduction device, program or other object with the same functions, but without direct copying.

Structural analysis are used to determine displacements, stresses, strains and efforts that arise in the design or its constituent parts in the result of application of mechanical forces and is suitable for tasks in which the action of inertia forces or processes of energy dissipation not have a significant impact on the behavior of the design. This type of analysis can be used in many applications, for example, to determine the concentration of stresses in the fillets of structural components or for calculating thermal stresses.

The Company "NORD-Engineering" provides the following services:

  1. Development of drawings for finished product, sketch or photo. Design documentation is performed in full compliance with all regulatory requirements;
  2. Digitization of technical documentation is the transfer from paper to electronic;
  3. 3D models parts, components and assemblies. Adaptation of components and assemblies in a 3D environment and remedy deficiencies in the initial design stage. The possibility of using patterns to make her on machining centres with numerical control;
  4. Structural analysis. Conducting a linear static structural calculations required parts and components, identify sites of stress concentration and strain as a consequence of applying different types of loads;
  5. Visualization of 3D models. The possibility of obtaining a realistic picture of the required object. This takes into account the texture, shadows and glare;
  6. Development of the technical description for the product, design of user manuals, technical passports, schemes and diagrams of different complexity;
  7. Audit of design documentation. Rule checking and fixing errors;
  8. The function of the design Bureau the contract is for businesses and firms that do not have their own engineering Department;
  9. Reverse engineering (reverse engineering).


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