Metal machining

Brief description

Turning (turning) — the most common method of manufacturing of details of type of bodies of revolution (shafts, discs, axes, fingers, pins, flanges, rings, bushings, nuts, couplings, etc.) on lathes.

Milling (milling) is a machining process in which (cutter) the cutting tool at a speed rotates and the workpiece is translational.

Drilling – view of machining materials, wherein the drill bit simultaneously performs rotational and translational motion. Thus the cutting edges of the drill are cut thin layers of metal at the fixed part, forming shavings that by scrolling and gliding along the spiral grooves of the drill, out of the processed holes.

Procurement of works. Blank section is designed for production of billets. Blank – semi-finished product intended for further processing, which receive the finished product. The workpiece must have a minimum allowance specified geometric shape, roughness etc. the Main requirement – at a minimum cost to produce a high quality product, which should be developed by the most rational technological process of production.

The Company "NORD-Engineering" performs the following types of mechanical processing materials:

Procurement operations;

The turning metal;

The Milling works;

The Welding (manual arc, semi-automatic, TIG welding);

The Drilling works;

The Laser sheet metal cutting;

The Flexible sheet metal;

The Heat treatment;

The electric discharge machining of metals.


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