Utilities equipment

Brief description

The Company "NORD-Engineering" produces and sells attachments and utility equipment. The main task is designing and manufacturing utility equipment for the technical task of the customer.

There are many manufacturers of standard equipment, but very often a customer requires a specific and unique product with non-standard technical features, dimensions and functionality. In this case, without designing to do and our team is ready to execute the project completely - from the idea to manufacture a prototype and product certification.

Our sweepers have hydraulic drive, high efficiency, long service life and ease of use. Watering equipment ensures the high and stable pressure, high performance and excellent results.

The Company "NORD-Engineering" produces the following types of utility equipment:

1. Brush sweeper
Sweepers are designed to clean areas with solid coverage. Cleaning can be done at any time of the year. So in winter it is necessary to clear snow-covered areas of highways, city streets and even sidewalks, and the fall foliage-strewn paths of the parks and embankments. The company "NORD — Engineering" offers also exclusive services for the design, manufacture and installation of road sweeper brushes on any vehicle in a short time.

2. Watering equipment
Any self-respecting themselves and their clients the firm wants their Parking area, sidewalk, flowerbeds, fences and even the facade of the building looked clean and well groomed, because all this affects the image of the company. Watering equipment manufacturing company, OOO "NORD-Engineering" will help You with this. Our clients are companies from Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Novgorod region. Most of the projects was made according to individual customer requirements taking into account technical parameters and the dimensions of the car, the scope and functionality of the equipment, as well as other very specific but no less important factors. 3D modelling allows even before the start of manufacture of original parts to determine the geometries and to accurately position the ready node in space, eliminating the possibility of "ticks" of the working bodies of the equipment elements of the vehicle.

3. Individual project technical requirements.